10 Best Star Wars References In The Simpsons

During its run of more than three decades, The simpsons packed in tons of movie references. Like Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thrillers and Quentin Tarantino’s postmodern gems, star wars is a cinematic well that The Simpsons writers keep coming back.

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Of Homer spoiling the end of The Empire Strikes Back for a line full of moviegoers to Mark Hamill performing a rendition of “Luke, Be a Jedi” during a dinner theater production of guys and dolls, The simpsons often poked fun at George Lucas’ groundbreaking space opera series.


ten Darth Vader’s ghost appears alongside Bleeding Gums Murphy

The ghosts of Bleeding Gums Murphy, Mufasa, Darth Vader and James Earl Jones appear in the sky in The Simpsons

After the heartbreaking death of Bleeding Gums Murphy in “Round Springfield,” the blues legend’s ghost appears in the sky to dispense wisdom from beyond the grave to a disillusioned Lisa, Lion King-style.

He is joined by Mufasa, the ghost of The Lion Kingsimilar sequence. Then James Earl Jones’ other iconic character, Darth Vader, appears in the clouds alongside Mufasa. Vader is joined by Jones himself as the CNN announcer.

9 Homer and Marge see John Williams’ Star Wars music in concert

Homer and Marge watch a John Williams concert in The Simpsons

As “The Springfield Connection” begins, Homer and Marge enjoy a live orchestral performance of all of John Williams’ most memorable pieces. star wars music.

Disappointed with the orchestra’s approach to classical themes, Homer said, “John Williams must be rolling in his grave,” despite the fact that Williams is alive and well.

8 Lisa models Princess Leia’s hairstyle

Lisa with Princess Leia's hair in The Simpsons

When Lisa becomes self-conscious about her image in “Lisa the Beauty Queen”, Homer enters her into a beauty pageant in the hopes that it will boost her self-confidence (although it initially doesn’t do her insecurities any good).

As she prepares to enter the contest, Lisa goes through a number of hairstyles, including Princess Leia’s iconic bun from the original 1977 film.

7 Mayor Quimby confuses Leonard Nimoy with a Star Wars actor

Leonard Nimoy appeared as a celebrity guest on the titular one-rail transit system’s maiden voyage in “Margin Against the Monorail,” widely considered one of the greatest The Simpsons episodes of all time.

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When Mayor Quimby introduces the famous guest, he confuses the legendary star trek actor for an actor star wars saga, saying to him: “May the Force be with you”.

6 The Cosmic Wars prequel is a nod to the Star Wars prequel trilogy

In the episode “Co-Dependent’s Day”, the Simpsons will see a highly anticipated reboot of the franchise called Cosmic Wars: The Gathering Shadowwhich ends up rubbing fans the wrong way with endless scenes of Senate hearings and trade disputes.

The fictional film is clearly a parody of The Phantom Menace, up to the fan clearance. Comic Book Guy jokes, “The worst Cosmic Wars already. I will only see him again three times…today. Jim Jam Bonks is an obvious parody of Jar Jar Binks and Randall Curtis is the Simpson-verse avatar of George Lucas.

5 Mark Hamill told Homer to “use the forks”

“Mayored to the Mob” is the episode featuring Mark Hamill’s iconic appearance as himself. Hamill first appears at the Springfield fan convention, Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con, hooking up with a cell phone company. After Homer saves Hamill’s life, he ends up becoming the mayor’s bodyguard.

Homer accidentally lures Quimby into a crowd stunt during a production of guys and dolls with Hamill as a Skywalker-esque Nathan Detroit. During the show, Hamill strings together a rendition of “Luke, Be a Jedi”. When Homer fights a mob assassin, Hamill urges him to “use the forks”. Homer takes his advice and pins the mobster’s tie on the table with a fork.

4 Ralph Wiggum won a diorama contest with Star Wars action figures

Ralph Wiggum presents his Star Wars action figures in The Simpsons

The climactic sequence of “Lisa’s Rival” sees Lisa sabotaging her titular rival in a diorama contest where she is sure her best self will win. But, much to Lisa’s surprise, her closest competitor doesn’t win the contest. Instead, Ralph Wiggum’s display of mint condition star wars action figures in their original boxes convinces star wars Main Superfan Skinner.

Upon seeing Ralph’s so-called diorama, Skinner giddily exclaims, “Why is it Luke!” And Obi-Wan! And my favorite, Chewie! On the way home, Ralph trips and lands on his toys and laments, “Oh, I bent my Wookiee!”

3 The ‘imperial march’ often accompanies Mr. Burns

John Williams’ theme for Darth Vader, the iconic “Imperial March”, has become a universally recognizable musical motif representing evil and oppression. So, it is appropriate that The simpsonsThe musical team often used the melody to introduce Mr. Burns’ unscrupulousness.

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He stars in “Marge Gets a Job” when Burns checks on his employees, in “A Star is Burns” when Burns lazily reads a book, and in “Gump Roast” when Burns takes the stage to roast Homer.

2 Comic Book Guy Tries To Scam Martin’s Mom For Her Ridiculously Rare Star Wars Memorabilia

In “Worst Episode Ever”, after being burned by Comic Book Guy, Bart and Milhouse stay at his store hoping to sabotage his business. Then Martin Prince’s mother arrives with her collection of ridiculously rare coins. star wars memories.

It has Lucas’ handwritten script, Carrie Fisher’s chest tape, and a film reel titled “Alternate Ending: Luke’s Dad Is Chewbacca.” Comic Book Guy almost gets it all for $5, but Bart and Milhouse step in to inform Martin’s mom that she’s being ripped off and sitting on a star wars gold mine.

1 Homer Spoiled The Empire Strikes Back Ending In A Flashback

Homer spoils Empire Strikes Back in The Simpsons

The flashback episode “I Married Marge” fills in Homer and Marge’s backstory. Homer initially worried about the prospect of being a responsible father, but eventually returned to help Marge raise Bart. Along the way, the writers have included a bunch of jokes about past events.

On one of his first dates with Marge in 1980, Homer is seen walking out of The Empire Strikes Back on its opening weekend and loudly announcing to a line of moviegoers who haven’t seen it yet, “Who would have known Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father?”

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