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Encanto’s two frozen Easter eggs explained

Encanto uses both visual and audio references to include two Easter Eggs in the same movie series, Frozen, and two of his songs in particular.

Warning: this article contains spoilers from Encanto.

Disney has always loved putting Easter eggs in their animated films, and Encanto is no exception: the animated feature includes important references to other Disney films like Frozen. Disney Easter Eggs date back to 1937 with the inclusion of the first “Hidden Mickey” in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Since then, Mickey’s symbol has appeared in all Disney animated feature films. Other more modern Easter eggs include Rapunzel and Flynn Rider attending Elsa’s coronation in Frozen and the piñatas of Buzz, Woody and Mike Wazowski appearing in coconut.


Premiere in November 2021, Encanto tells the story of the Madrigal family, who live in an enchanted valley in Colombia. Thanks to a miracle blessing the Madrigals, each child in the family received a magical power, with the exception of Mirabel. However, when the Madrigals start to lose their magic, it’s up to Mirabel to save the miracle.

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Like other Disney movies, Encanto includes many Easter eggs, referencing both other Disney movies and popular culture in general. For example, there is a boot with a plant growing in Bruno’s secret room, alluding to WALL-E. In addition, a child cries out “it’s bigger inside!”After running into Antonio’s new bedroom, which is the same phrase many say Doctor Who characters the first time they enter the TARDIS. Encanto also uses visual and audio references to include two Easter Eggs for the same series of films: Frozen.

Encanto Bruno Pepa and Félix

First, there is a visual Easter egg for Frozen in Luisa’s song, “Surface pressure. “During this song, the donkeys Luisa had gathered to return to town serve as her backup dancers. This is a reference to Kristoff’s song,”Lost in the forest,” from Frozen II. In this song, reindeer accompany Kristoff, singing along with him as he expresses his grief over being separated from Anna. While donkeys and reindeer perform slightly different functions, the two animals help their respective characters to express their emotions through songs.

Second, Encanto the references Frozen towards the end of the film when Bruno reconciles with his siblings, Pepa and Julieta. While encouraging Pepa to use his emotions and powers more freely, Bruno sings “let the snow fall, let it fall. “This is a direct reference to Elsa’s song”Let it go” from Frozen. This comparison between Pepa and Elsa makes sense, given that the two women initially struggle with powers linked to their emotions, respectively against time and ice, but they learn to harness their powers and express their feelings. Thanks to these Easter eggs, Disney was able to connect two of their recent animated musicals, Encanto and Frozen, and the problems of their characters.

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