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Georgetown Arts and Culture Council Awards 2022 Round 2 Grants – City of Georgetown, Texas

The Georgetown Arts and Culture Council in July approved $12,100 in grants to local arts and culture organizations to help fund local arts and culture programs that include visual arts, music and performing arts in George Town.

Funding is for events in Georgetown taking place between October 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

Grant recipients include:

Project or event name Grant amount
Central Texas Philharmonic for their Patriotic pop concert $2,500
Georgetown artwork for Art Hop $2,000
GTX Connect for Georgetown Party $3,400
GTX movie for the GTX Film Fest 2022 $2,000
Williamson County Symphony Orchestra for their Free Spring Orchestra Pops Concert $2,000

The next grant cycle will be accepting proposals December 1-30, 2022, for events and programs running April 1-October 1. 31, 2023.

The Georgetown Arts and Culture Grants help the Arts and Culture Council meet the requirements of the bylaws, which include recognizing and encouraging groups and organizations that enrich the life of Georgetown by bringing values ​​and cultural and artistic artifacts to the city. Members of the Arts and Culture Council believe that a vibrant arts community and cultural offerings are good for residents’ quality of life, will attract visitors and help Georgetown become a nationally recognized arts destination. 2030. The grant program helps grow and strengthen our local arts community by helping to fund arts and culture programs that enhance our local community.

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