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Virtual public information meetings are scheduled for June 14 and 16 for a tourist commercial resort development and a 12-unit rental apartment building.

On June 14, a zoning bylaw amendment for the Adolphus Reach Resort is introduced for tourist commercial development at 1315, 1329 and 1357 County Road 7.

The proposed development for the site comprises 56 villas, including 20 pod villas and 36 treehouses, as well as a main communal villa, a vineyard with five wine buildings, two tented wine buildings, a tea house and a wine gallery. ‘art. Additionally, a pumping station, water treatment plant and waste management plant are proposed to facilitate sewage and water service on the property.

Zoning is currently Rural Residential Types One and Two and Environmental Protection. The amendment sought is tourist commercial with site specific environmental protection to allow private services needed for water service near the beach front, and allowing pod villas and main villa in the EP area.

Fotenn Planning + Design has been retained by 2522082 Ontario Inc. to prepare a planning justification report to develop the approximately 10 hectare property.

At a 2020 open house at the property, four owners, Del Terrelonge, Ron Angelotti, Robert Valenzano and Andrew Iacobelli, were all on hand to answer questions. Next, the owners envisioned a resort-style, but single-family condominium property with prices ranging from $899,000 to $1.2 million. Each of the owners had planned to buy a condo, but would not live there full time. The plan was to build a permanent home for an individual, regardless of how many months a year it is used.

The initial number of units proposed for the site has been reduced for this submission following extensive study and public comment, from 113 units to 56 units. Treehouses and pod villas are intended for seasonal use.

This development is not intended to provide permanent housing for residents.

Documents for the Adolphus Reach Resort application can be viewed on the county website.

Members of the public wishing to attend the virtual public meeting should register by contacting Matt Coffey, Planning Coordinator, Approvals, at [email protected] by noon the day before each meeting. Meetings will take place virtually on Microsoft Teams.

On June 16, a zoning by-law amendment and site plan control application will be discussed for Keros Corporation’s three-story, 12-unit rental apartment building at 13 Lake Street in Picton.

ZanderPlan, retained to assist with the change request, notes the need for a zoning change for the Urban Residential – Apartment Building. A site plan control application details site engineering.

A single family home is currently located on the subject property. The single family residential units are located on the north, south and east sides of the property, approximately 90 meters from the intersection of Lake and West Mary streets and 200 meters from the intersection of Lake and Picton Main streets.

Members of the public wishing to attend the virtual public meeting should register by contacting James Griffin, Intermediate Planner, at [email protected] by noon Wednesday, June 15. The meeting will be held virtually on Microsoft Teams. Documents for the application can be viewed on the county’s website.