The Simps’ ‘Tesla’ Video Is A Cheerful Ride Down memory lane

Your songs and videos are full of cultural references, but you don’t just make meme music. When you were making this album and the accompanying visuals, did you have any conversations about finding a balance between hyper-referentiality and original substance?

zzzahara: I think our videos are very 90s and a mixture of material that we grew up with and that influenced our styles. When we talked about certain aspects of the project, we just worked on blending our worlds. I think of all the albums and visuals that I appreciate from the bands I grew up with and what marked me. On the album, we have tracks that seem timeless and even the visuals seem kind of timeless, but are still relevant today; timeless in a sense that people of all generations can relate to. The album references a mix of indie and shoegaze styles, but we also put our individual strengths into it, which gave it that extra flair.

The most recurrent of these references is The simpsons. Which Simpsons character do you most identify with?

Haha, we refer The simpsons a little. I would say I’m a mix of Lisa and Bart. There are times when I like to be playful, funny and nervous like Bart, but also keep an open mind and be aware of myself, like Lisa. The best of both worlds.

The new video juxtaposes nostalgic imagery with brighter shots and, of course, a ride in a Tesla. Where does the concept come from?

[It’s] a mix of pieces of my reality at different times. Growing up in Highland Park and attending Franklin High School, there were many times when me and a few friends skipped school to go to Garvanza Skatepark and play Guitar Hero all day. It’s like completing a mission with your friends and letting the day unfold in fun things you’d rather be doing than anything else. It’s a youth party.

You and Eyedress both play solo and have other non-musical projects going on, I understand. Will The Sims be your primary artistic focus in the near future, or is the band just part of a larger world you’re building?

No, that will not be the main objective. Brothers and sisters is the first full album that I’ve been a part of, so in a way it’s part of a bigger world under construction. Going forward, my main focus will be zzzahara and US Velvet. Lots of different styles of music are to be expected, and I can’t wait to show the world my vision.